Aesthetic science is increasingly developing creating many effective and fast beauty methods. And Rejuran skin rejuvenation injection is one of the most trusted solutions today. So what is Rejuran? Is Rejuran any good ? Is Rejuran harmful? How much does Rejuran cost? Where should I inject Rejuran rejuvenation?

What is skin rejuvenation with Rejuran?

       This is the latest and most modern therapy applied in skin rejuvenation treatment in Korea. Basically, this is also one of the methods of Mesotherapy , that is, beauty is injected under the skin to minimize invasiveness and improve the skin from the inside. The main ingredient of Rejuran Healer is Polynucleotide (abbreviated as PN) extracted from the DNA of deep sea cod that works to rejuvenate the skin from deep within. PR is actually Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) but in an enhanced form, so the efficiency is also much higher

How does Rejuran injection help rejuvenate the skin?

        First of all, we need to understand that the skin has the ability to regenerate itself, so that the wound is healed, causing the dark spots or scars to fade and disappear. However, the natural skin regeneration process takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, PN is a material capable of regenerating collagen in the human body, forming blood vessels to supply nutrients to cells, so injecting PN into the skin helps: 

– Promotes the regeneration and growth of each layer of damaged skin cells

– Stimulates collagen production to regenerate elasticity

– Make skin stretch and youthful  

– Balance moisture and oil, avoid peeling when the skin is dry

– Tightens pores for smoother skin

– Minimize wrinkles in the forehead, cheeks, corners of the eyes, cheekbones …

– Increased density creates an outer layer that protects the skin from harmful environmental influences

– Fades scars and promotes healing

– Enhance tone for healthy pink and white skin

Who is Rejuran rejuvenation injection for?

Who is Rejuran rejuvenation injection for?

This injectable skin rejuvenation method is suitable for almost everyone with the following skin conditions:

– Skin damaged by the sun or mechanical agents

– Dark skin makes the face less radiant

– Rough skin with large pores

– Skin showing signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sagging

– Skin with acne, scars, inflammation

Regardless of your gender, age, condition, Rejuran is also a great therapy. For young people, this cosmetic injection method will help prevent and delay the aging process extremely effectively.

Advantages of rejuvenation can not be ignored
  • See results immediately after 1 treatment
  • Minimize invasiveness as well as discomfort
  • Fast only takes 15-30 minutes
  • Lasting effect
  • No side effects
  • Micro-injection should minimize the burning sensation and shorten the time to perform

Is Rejuran Rejuvenating Balloon Injection Safe?

Is Rejuran Rejuvenating Balloon Injection Safe?

       PN essence is 95% human DNA, so it is very safe and does not cause any irritation or side effects other than the slight redness caused by the needle but it will disappear in a short time.
       However, the effectiveness of the treatment depends not only on the quality of the product used, but also on the expertise and skill of the doctor, the tools and equipment used during the treatment. Specifically, injecting Rejuran or any other substance into the body requires a highly qualified doctor’s hand – who knows the anatomy to inject the exact location and required dose.


Where is the best place to get Rejuran skin tightening injections?

        This service is the favorite choice of all Korean stars because after only 1 treatment, it helps to keep the skin shiny, smooth, youthful and full of life. Products imported directly from Oracle Korea guarantee:

  • Genuine product
  • Belonging to the latest generation
  • Expiry date
  • Stored in the best condition
  • US FDA certified safe for health

At Oracle, the treatment process includes 8 steps:

  • Step 1: Wash your face, remove sebum and dirt, help open pores
  • Step 2: Numbing numbing cream is applied all over the face and incubated for 45 minutes
  • Step 3: Wipe your face so that the skin can absorb the most effective skin-tightening nutrients
  • Step 4: Inject micro-points into the area to be treated with a compound containing Rejuran and intensive skin care essences.
  • Step 5: Cold electrophoresis helps to soothe the skin and increase the absorption of nutrients
  • Step 6: Shine the biological light for 10 minutes to help the nutrients penetrate deeply for the best effect
  • Step 7: Apply soothing mask and intensive skin care Oracle for 15 minutes
  • Step 8: Apply moisturizer, sunscreen for skin that is always shiny