Hair Removal Laser


       Violins not only cause discomfort, sweating, but they also contribute to the appearance of acne, blackheads and also hinder women from wearing sexy dresses. Diode Laser at Oracle Beauty Salon is one of the most advanced hair removal methods today with outstanding features, completely overcoming the disadvantages of outdated technologies, for maximum hair removal efficiency.


       Currently, on the market there are many hair removal methods, but most of them are ineffective and long-lasting:

– Removing hair with tweezers or razors often makes the skin damaged and dark. Not only does hair grow back continuously, but it also grows faster, harder, and harder to remove. 

– Low-tech hair removal methods take a long time but do not remove the hair at the root, the skin is burned, rough and itchy when the hair grows back.

– Although IPL hair removal technology is considered quite modern, it only helps to reduce up to 60% of hair after a long course of 10-12 times. Hair is not removed quickly and still grows back in a short time.

       Thus, although hair removal services are widely advertised in beauty parlors today, most of them use old technology with cheap equipment. The results obtained are also approximate and not guaranteed.


       Diode laser hair removal method uses light with proven 810nm wavelength with pulse width, energy density and perfect cooling system that will act directly on hemoglobin and melanin in the dermis, breaking down the dermis. target tissues without damaging surrounding tissues.

Stage 1: This level of light energy is shined directly into each hair follicle, leading to each deep-hidden pore, which weakens and falls off naturally quickly, without burning pain.

Stage 2: The Diode Laser light focuses on the papillae of the hair follicles that are about to grow right at the forming stage to prevent the supply of nutrients to nourish the hairs, making them weak and preventing re-growth. development of hair follicles.

       When using Diode Laser light, the doctor will adjust the level to suit your hair condition so that it can be removed in the most gentle way. This process also helps the treated skin area retain its brightness without darkening after recovery.

       Diode Laser hair removal method  is evaluated as an effective and safe hair removal technology that has been certified by the US FDA to remove 95% of hair after only 5 treatments. The diode laser is projected onto the area to be removed with a lower peak power than conventional lasers and a temperature of only 45-50 degrees Celsius without causing any damage.  This technology at Oracle is performed by highly qualified doctors trained by Oracle Medical Group, ensuring the removal of pigment, whitening of dark skin after removal, and cleaning of both hard hairs and hairs. Supplementing with protein, minerals and vitamins to help skin become whiter and smoother.



High efficiency, long lasting

       Diode laser hair removal method is the most modern technology today with high efficiency. Completely removes hair in many areas of the body, providing long-lasting results

       Besides, Diode Laser not only has the effect of hair removal, but also helps to make the skin more even, especially preventing hair regrowth.

Safe, no pain

       Diode Laser hair removal technology only affects the skin to be treated, does not affect the body and surrounding skin, so it is highly safe, completely painless, limiting any complications that may cause damage. skin injury.

Shorter treatment time

       Compared to the old technology, hair removal with Diode Laser technology only takes 1/3 of the time. Only from 5-30 minutes for each time. 


The method of hair removal with Diode Laser technology at Oracle Beauty Institute is performed in 5 steps as follows:

Step 1: Examine and analyze, give the appropriate wave level.
Step 2: Clean the treatment area, make the skin soft, easy to absorb the wavelengths in the technology.
Step 3: Apply specialized gel.
Step 4: Use a diode laser hair removal machine to treat hair follicles.
Step 5: Wipe the treatment area. Use skin care products.

Medical laser hair removal effectively approaches hair removal with a stronger output than the lasers used by ordinary esthetic companies.
For those who don’t like laser hair removal due to pain, anesthetic cream is also available.

       Oracle Cosmetic Dermatology also provides skin care after hair removal. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding treatment areas or fees.

      The armpits are especially worrisome in the summer, so we recommend starting medical hair removal early.

Below knee/thigh       
       If you treat it yourself, the pores will be bumpy and you will feel uncomfortable when you touch it, so we recommend medical hair removal.
Below the elbow
       Just like below the knees, if you treat it yourself, the pores will be bumpy and you will feel uncomfortable when you touch them, so we recommend medical hair removal.
Back of hands/feet
       It is a place that seems to be not seen, but is surprisingly seen. We recommend that you take care of them together.
       The area outside of the panty line is considered the bikini line. A bikini line laser hair removal treatment typically covers up to three inches beyond this line, ensuring a smooth line. It often addresses some areas that your panties cover, such as sides of the labia and top of the pubic region, this is a personal preference and can be left up to the individual.
       In order to aim for smooth skin all over the body, it is recommended to carefully clean the back, navel area, chest, etc.

About Hair Removal

About Hair Removal

treatment cycle

Face: 7-10 times every 1.5 months
Body: 5-7 times every 2 months

Precautions before treatment

Be careful not to get sunburned for 2 weeks before and after hair removal.

Those who cannot receive treatment

・Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
・Those who have just had a sunburn
・Those who have an infection in or around the irradiated area

Precautions after treatment

・On the day of the treatment, only take a shower, and avoid bathing while the skin is red.
・On the day of the event, please avoid activities that cause you to sweat a lot, such as saunas and strenuous exercise.
・Please take measures against UV rays during the hair removal period and be careful not to get sunburned.