Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment
      Fundamental treatment is important for recurrent acne. Please leavethe treatment of crater-shaped acne scars .At Oracle Cosmetic Dermatology , we will make suggestions to improve acne problems and maintain beautiful skin.

White Acne

       White acne is an early symptom of acne when the pores are clogged with sebum and become old.It looks like a small white dot. As this spreads, acne bacteria start to increase.

Black Acne

       Black acne is a little advanced white acne.When it is exposed to the air, it oxidizes and turns black, making it look like a stain or a small mole.

Red Acne

       Red acne is a condition in which black acne has progressed further and has deteriorated.Bacteria and germs propagate in the sebum clogged in the pores, causing red inflammation, and the area around the acne is red and swollen. I have severe acne.

Yellow Acne

       Yellow acne is a condition in which red acne has further deteriorated and inflammation has become severe.It is called yellow pimples because yellow pus can be seen.Substances that destroy the walls of hair follicles and cause inflammation go out of the hair follicles at once, and acne inflammation spreads.If yellow acne becomes severe, crater-shaped acne scars may occur.

Main Cause of Acne

1.Increased sebum secretion

       The amount of sebum secretion increases when the temperature rises. It is also said to increase in teenagers and diets with a lot of fat and sugar. These excess sebum clogs the pores, making it easier for acne to occur.

2.clogged pores

       When the thickened stratum corneum blocks the pores of the sebum outlet, waste products and sebum clog the skin, causing acne.
Also, if the turnover of the skin is disturbed due to fatigue, lack of sleep, dry skin, or stimulation by ultraviolet rays, abnormal keratinization is likely to occur, causing acne, so be careful.

3.Propagation of acne bacteria, the source of acne

  1. acnes is a type of bacteria (indigenous bacteria) found in pores on the surface of the skin. Acne bacteria usually work to protect the skin, but due to factors such as 1 and 2, pores are clogged, oxygen is low, and sebum and other nutrients are abundant, excessive growth causes inflammation and causes red acne. increase.

In addition to the above, in the case of women, acne is more likely to occur due to the menstrual cycle. There are many women whose skin becomes oily before menstruation, and breakouts and pimples are more likely to occur.
Also during this period, skin rashes are more likely to occur. Sebum secretion is active before menstruation, so keeping your skin clean and moisturizing will also help prevent acne.

Typical Acne and Acne Scars Concerns and Treatments


Acne scars with redness.
Redness remains due to exacerbation of acne inflammation. You can see through the capillaries that are stretched to cure the inflammation, and it turns red.


       It is mainly brownish, and at first glance it looks like a blemish. The capillaries are broken, resulting in bruise-like acne scars.Furthermore, when exposed to UV rays, melanin is activated and causes acne scars with brown pigmentation.

Crater (uneven) skin

       The most common problem is crater-shaped acne scars.The inflammation of acne becomes severe, and the deep layers of the skin are damaged

Common Types and Causes of Acne Scars

Initial acne (white acne)

       In the early stage of acne (white acne), oil comes out from the sebum, the skin quality becomes oily, and the metabolism is slowed down, causing keratin to accumulate and pores to clog up.
If left untreated, it will likely cause inflammation and progress to inflammatory acne. If treated early and well, you can expect improvement in a relatively small number of times.

Main treatment

BHA Peeling , Aqua Peeling , HydraFacial , Mesona J

Inflammatory acne (red/purple acne)

       Red acne is a state in which white acne has deteriorated, and sebum is excessively secreted, clogging the pores, and the multiplied acne bacteria are inflamed and red and swollen. It can be said that acne has worsened. Some people may experience pain and fever.

Main treatment

BHA peel , Agnes , Mesona J , internal medicine

Acne scars (dents, craters)

       There are several types of acne scars, and the most common are acne scars with scars around the pores that look like open pores, and crater-shaped acne scars with depressions. Unlike acne, acne scars are a very difficult symptom to heal on your own once they become dented. At our clinic, we treat acne scars and craters with a treatment that renews the entire skin with a laser or dermapen.

Main treatment

Pico Fractional

Acne Scars (redness)

       Reddish acne scars are especially common these days. Acne is a condition in which the skin becomes inflamed due to waste products and sebum clogging the pores, but if this inflammation continues, redness often remains on the skin even after the acne itself has healed. There are a lot of acne scars left with this redness.
At our clinic, we treat with Genesis (laser) and Mesona J, which introduces ingredients that suppress redness and inflammation.

Main treatment

Genesis , Mesona J , Whitening management

Case of Acne and Acne Scars Treatment