What is 10Therma?

       This is a monopolar high-frequency device developed by Director Roh Young-woo, CEO of Oracle.
       This is the latest model with a new system added to the conventional monopolar high-frequency RF treatment equipment.

What is 10Therma?

[Safety, rights, etc.]
​・Korea MFDS (former KFDA) approved device
 * MFDS is an organization equivalent to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.
・Various patents acquired

In Korea, released in November 2022, more than 200 units have been introduced in Korea and overseas. (as of June 2023)

คุณสมบัติของ 10Therma

Features of 10Therma

  1. The chip size is 5 cm², which is larger than that of other companies’ products .
  2. Shortening of treatment time
    The treatment time is shortened due to the large chip size.
  3. High thermal energy Research results show that
    the thermal value is higher than other companies. ​*
    Maximum 400W, strong power among high-frequency lasers
  4. High collagen production Collagen production is 3% higher than conventional products due to the large
    chip size.
  5. Reduction of treatment cost Much lower treatment cost than
    conventional products. ​​(
    Conventional product is around 300,000 for 600 shots)
  6. Long maintenance period There are
    individual differences, but the effect is maintained with once every six months to a year.
  7. Reduction of heat (cooling device)
    ​Tentherma has high thermal energy, so the risk of burns is originally high, but it is equipped with a cooling system that performs 7 times per shot. Achieving heat reduction.
  8. Pain reduction​ High frequency waves flow when
    pressure is applied, and automatically stop when released. Therefore, the practitioner can concentrate and perform the treatment in a short time, and the patient feels less pain.

Approximate number of shots
・Whole face 400 shots
・Whole face + chin 600 shots
*There are individual differences.

About the effects

        High frequency uses RF (radio waves) to apply heat to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin, and at the same time cools the skin surface to non-invasively remove collagen and subcutaneous tissue without damaging the skin (skin damage). It is a method of tightening with ).
You can expect the effect of giving elasticity and tightening mainly to the face. 


Initial response: Immediate collagen contraction

        By applying radio frequency heat, the collagen fibers are first contracted and the sagging skin is tightened.

Secondary reaction: Collagen remodeling

        In the process of repairing the contracted collagen fibers, it increases the elasticity of the skin while gradually rebuilding the collagen and increasing the density of the collagen. This prevents sagging, increases skin elasticity, and creates firmness.

10Therma Treatment

Treatment time

45 to 60 minutes (depending on number of shots)

Procedure progress

Very little downtime. Even if redness appears, it will subside within a few hours to 1-2 days.

Treatment cycle

Every six months (there are individual differences depending on the state of slackness)

Precautions before treatment

Those who have been exposed to excessive sunburn within the past 2 weeks.
Those who have undergone botox or hyaluronic acid injection within the past month may not be able to receive treatment.

Those who cannot receive treatment

Those who are pregnant, may be pregnant, or are breast-feeding
Those who are using a pacemaker or an implanted defibrillator
Those who have a metal plate, silicon, gold thread, etc.
 with severe diabetes, malignant tumors, heart disease, bleeding disorders, or keloid constitutions
Those with infections, severe skin diseases, or large scar tissue in the treatment area
Extremely fat cheeks 

Precautions after treatment

Only shower is possible on the day, bathing is possible from the next day. Avoid drinking alcohol on the day. 
After irradiation, redness, swelling, a feeling of heat, etc. may occur, but it will subside naturally in a few hours to a few days. 
Since the skin after treatment is easily affected by UV rays, please take measures against UV rays. 
If you have pain, please refrain from strong massage such as esthetics for 1 to 2 weeks after treatment.

Side Effects and Risks of 10Therma

In rare cases, burns, redness, swelling, and heat may occur at the treatment site.